Knowledge reservoir

All lectures in the “Virtual SciCon Series” will be recorded and transcribed to enable people to read the lecture as well as watch the video. We will thus create a knowledge reservoir revolving around the conference topics.

On the future of newspapers and publishers (21 April 2021)

Matt Rogerson: Director of Public Policy at Guardian Media Group
Martin Jönsson: Head of Editorial Development at Sweden’s largest supraregional daily, Dagens Nyheter

Visions & business models for journalism in the near future (15 April 2021)

Aron Pilhofer: James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Saving Journalism: A Vision for the Post-Covid World (24 March 2021)

Anya Schiffrin: senior lecturer at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

What states are doing to promote journalism: NL / DEN / A (18 March 2021)

René van Zanten: General Director, Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek
Prof. Ida Willig: Head of research group Journalism and Democracy, Roskilde University & Danish Media Board
Prof. Andy Kaltenbrunner: Managing Partner, Medienhaus Wien

What state bodies are doing to promote journalism: UK / Canada / EU
(11 March 2021)

Prof. Jonathan Heawood: founder/CEO of IMPRESS
Prof. Karyn Pugliese: Ryerson School of Journalism, past President of the Canadian Association of Journalists
Ivan Brincat: Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Communications, Network, Content and Technology (DG-CNECT)

Media Disrupted: Connecting Journalism to the Right Business Model – Lessons from Australia (26 February 2021)

Amanda D. Lotz: media studies professor at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

New Ways of Funding Science Media: Massive Science / higgs
(11 February 2021)

Nadja Oertelt: Co-Founder & CEO, Massive Science
Beat Glogger: Founder & Editor-in-Chief, higgs

Best Practice Market-based Financing: Mediapart / (4 February 2021)

Esther Alonso: Membership and Development Director,
Donatien Huet: Editor & Head of Future Lab, Mediapart

New ways of funding journalism: Die Republik / RiffReporter (28 January 2021)

**Please note that this lecture was held in German**

Richard Höchner: co-founder & head of Community+ at Die Republik
Christian Schwägerl: co-founder & board member of RiffReporter

Best Practice Foundation-based Financing: Quanta Magazine/Undark/SMC
(18 November 2020)

Deborah Blum: Publisher of Undark Magazine & Director of the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT
Thomas Lin: Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Quanta Magazine
Volker Stollorz: Chief Editor & Managing Director, Science Media Center Germany (SMC)

Future-Proofing journalism – ideas for the digital age
(9 November 2020

Chris Anderson: Professor of Media and Communication, University of Leeds

Journalism Without Profit: Why We Need Public Journalism
(28 October 2020)

Magda Konieczna: Assistant Professor Journalism Department, Temple University Philadelphia

Saving the Media – A new business model for media in the crisis
(26 October 2020)

Julia Cagé: Assistant Professor in Economics, Sciences Po Paris

What can governments learn from the media crisis in UK?
(14 October 2020)

Dame Frances Cairncross: economist, journalist and Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy (UCLA)

Democracy Without Journalism? (7 October 2020)

Victor Pickard: Professor of Media Policy and Political Economy at the Annenberg School for Communication

Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age (1 October 2020)

Tom Rosenstiel: executive director of the American Press Institute